eeyyyy it’s 4chan’s 11th birthday, happy b-day my chan buddies! I love the party hats, every year they make me giggle

a spoopy icon for myself!

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could you maybe draw some spoopy ponds & doctor this october?

I’ll see if I can anon!!

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Okay ro reminds me of one of my friends because that’s his exact body type

neat! I have a few friends with Ro’s body type too, they are so gangly and awkward it’s so cute!!!!

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it’s oficially spoopy month!!! yeaaahhhh!!!

time to spooky-fy my blog aw yiss!

ur animal people are 2 cute what the hell

aaahhh thank you!! I love drawing them, they have such interesting shapes!!

more friends for Milkshake and her gang yasssss, this is Ro the wolf and Oreo the zebra, Ro is trash and Oreo is a fashion student.

it’s been rather cold, wet and miserable ‘round here lately, so i’ve been listening to ke$ha and pink on repeat trying to cheer up, to little sucess, so have some babies being comfy and watching whatever under a big blanket

milkshake and her gang, muffin the lady boar and candycorn the cat lady. yeah!

EEP!! I love that you did Clara/Danny!! They're so cute :3

ehehe yesss they are too cute!

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