F.A.Q - a.k.a Why does Odd does things

I felt this was long overdue (◡‿◡✿)

What do you use to make your drawings?

- I mainly use Photoshop CS6, I can start the whole drawing on Photoshop, or make a sketch on paper, scan it and then finalize it on Photoshop. I also own a Cintiq 24HD, which helps speed up my work by a lot.

Do you take requests/commissions?

-No, not as of lately, university work has been very hectic and i’d feel terrible at taking requests or commissions just to take months to make them in case anything happens IRL.

BUT! Can you make this drawing/I have this idea for a drawing/I’d love you forever if…

-Stop. I take very badly to people trying to guilt trip me into drawing something for them, if you send me a message like that I can guarantee you that I won’t answer to it. I don’t take requests, and that’s the end of it. Please don’t.

Is there a place where I can buy your drawings?

-Yes, it’s here

Do you have a DeviantArt?

-I do, but I don’t upload my drawings there anymore. Here’s the url tho, in case you decide to check it out regardless; http://thatoddowl.deviantart.com/

Where do you live?

-I live in Brazil, on the state of Santa Catarina on a charming city called Joinville.

Are you a boy or a girl?

-A girl.

I have another question that is not answered here can I send you a message?

-ABSOLUTELY, I try to always be very open, and I love hearing from my followers or anyone really. You can talk to me about mostly anything, except really private things hehe ;P

I want to be your friend, can I be your friend?

-You’re now already my friend, hypothetical person. <3

Can I touch your butt?

-Yes you may. /touches yours/

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