I spent way too much time on this (ノ´д`)

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trying a few things out

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size chart thingy yasss

modelsheets for my main project

backgrounds for my project ooohhhhh

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a pointless sketch

Storyboards for my graduation project, yay

stupid sexy Buer

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i lied

inspired by this post

Hello everybody!

Just a few RL updates.

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post anything here in the last few months, been super busy with my graduation thesis, it’s coming along quite nicely yay! I’ll upload it here once I’m finished with it (the final product is an animated short so don’t worry I won’t upload the whole PDF with all the research lmao), which will take me a few more months I’m afraid, I’ve never written so much in my life D: 
Had my gallbladder removed (yikes), that’ll teach me to eat healthy food now hehe, and my tablet died and then was ressurected again (you guys have no idea how hard it is to find someone here that’ll fix an USB cord, I swear to god ugh)

Well that’s about it, see you guys again in a few more months (sorry :’(!!!), and enjoy this little gif of Steve petting Bucky I doodled real quickly.