continuing that gif~

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quick sketch of Buer while I was testing out TVPaint and learning the tools

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Baby <3

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me and my boyfriend were challenging one another to draw pokemons from memory, the results were pretty funny.

The ones I drew are with brown names and the ones he drew have the blue names.

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hey everyone, this was the first ever animated short I did, it was for my second year of uni, I didn’t have much hand on the actual animating process, but I did everything from the concept, backgrounds to the assets used to animate.

It was my first ever try at something complete, so yeah it’s pretty terrible at places, but we worked very hard on it, and I’m proud of that! Also apologies but it’s in Portuguese hehe

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Extra fluffy Hedwig I sketched yesterday in class. Because owls are gr8 (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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silly warmup sketch (and by warmup I mean i’m not in the mood to make a decent drawing so let’s just sketch and go play minecraft)

ooga chaka

teen wolf is one of those shows where I can’t help but ship EVERYTHING

a strange little pack